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About Us

SOKA LEO is the Tanzanian blog that is involved in the provision of sports news from within the country of Tanzania and outside the borders of the country, all this with the same goal of educating the public about all sports in general while also having the goal of taking Tanzanian sports forward and in plans to promote sports.

SOKA LEO aims to establish a system that will be used to maintain accurate information on Tanzanian players from the time they start playing until they finish playing football, this is due to the absence of that system in our country that takes care of the information of our players, so like today’s football we have a mission and we have started with the provision of information but our goals in developing the country’s football are big.

This blog was established in 2021 with a staff of three sports journalists who ensure that visitors get new sports content every day.

SOKA LEO owns an application in which all the news posted on the blog goes directly to the app as well, where the current app is only available on the Play Store. Click Here to Download